anson dorrance
In the forty or so years we have had coaching licenses, diplomas, education workshops etc. in the USA Jeff Tipping stands out as the finest coach educator and coaching education thinker the USA has produced. As Director of Education and Coaching Development for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America for 13 years Jeff travelled the world to bring the very newest, cutting edge coaching education back to the USA for our American coaches. The scope and depth of the educational programming which developed under his leadership is awesome, culminating in the NSCAA Master Coach Diploma which addressed, not only the technical components of soccer, but also the cultural, ethical, managerial and global facets of being a top level coach…or as Jeff would say – “A DaVinci Coach.”  I have no hesitation in recommending  Jeff Tipping as an ally to any progressive club, organization or Association.

— Anson Dorrance, Head coach of the women's soccer program at the University of North Carolina

Coach Tipping has had a profound impact on my coaching at every point in my coaching career, including youth, high school, and college levels. While serving as the Director of Coaching Education of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), Tipp was the lead instructor for most of my NSCAA Diploma and Special Topics courses. He has continued to be available to provide wise counsel and sound advice on coaching issues, especially during my tenure as a college coach.
Most recently, I was able to complete a “once in a lifetime” type of trip to England and Scotland on a United Kingdom (UK) Study Tour with a great group of coaches from the United States led by Coach Tipping.
The focus of the trip was to study player development.  The UK tour included match analysis projects for high-level soccer matches.  In addition, our group observed youth training sessions and matches and watched a Scottish Premier League team train. We attended seminars, had group discussions with world class coaches, as well as, presentations by Football Association and academy staff members. The trip also involved tours of iconic stadiums, including, but not limited to Anfield, Hampden Park, and Old Trafford.
I would encourage all soccer coaches to take advantage of Coach Tipping’s excellent teaching, whether it is reading his book, watching his DVD programs, attending one of his training courses or going on his overseas study tours.

- Coach Rudy Grubesky, Dillsburg Area (PA) Soccer Club

"Arguably the best teacher of the game in North America” – so said a friend of mine who emigrated to the United States some years ago and is now coaching a club there.
Dick Bate
Good teachers of the game are invaluable, a rarity and give so much to the players and coaches that they work with and for. There are many trainers, many managers of coaching sessions and teams but gold-plated, top of the range teachers of the game are few and far between – Jeff Tipping is one of those teachers. He leaves “indelible game learnings” in players be they technical, tactical, psychological and additionally fosters leadership, responsibility and accountability to all players and coaches under his coaching remit.
He is one who understands holistic coaching and the development of individuals, groups and teams. In setting up his personal website his clients are certain to learn about the game across all levels, to feel the essence of developing players and coaches for all levels and to come away with ideas and considerations that cause coaches to think differently and to search for better answers. I recommend this website wholeheartedly and wish Jeff and his followers every success as the website seeks to help to move the game even further forward in the United States.
Good luck to all,

- Dick Bate, Former Director of Elite Player and Coach Development - English FA

Thank you for all of your support and advice throughout the years.  It has been an honor and a privilege to have earned your respect as a colleague as your knowledge of the game, advice and mentorship has been a huge factor towards the success of my professional career.  As one of few American born coaches who have had the pleasure to coach professionally in the highest league of a foreign country (Guatemala), you challenged me at a young age to become the best coach that I could be.  From our first experience together at an NSCAA Coaching Course in Indiana, to your visitation and evaluation during my UEFA A License, I have never met a coach who was more available to provide assistance at any hour of the day.  You are truly an ambassador to the game for all coaches, players and families whose lives you touch.  I wish you continued success in the future, please keep in touch and all the best!

- Ziggy Korytoski, Albion PROS, Head Coach