Thoughts From An English National Team Youth Coach

Here are a few thoughts that I gathered recently from an English National Team Youth Coach:

1. It is all about psychological qualities - and the most important quality is psychological toughness.

2. It's all about psychological toughness.

3. England U knocked out of U18 World Cup in group play:

  • England 0 - 0 Guinea
  • England 0 - 1 Brazil
  • England 0 - 0 S. Korea

Brazil committed 50 fouls. England could never get a rhythm going. Three Brazilians were booked.

4. "There is no quick fix" to attaining peak performance. it is a combination of player determination, willingness to sacrifice to become a better player and living a sacrificial athletic lifestyle - (e.g. my mates go out but I say in as I have a game tomorrow - or - I have a practice tomorrow.) Lifestyle is key. This combined with excellent long term, consistent, quality coaching.

.....Again - "There is no quick fix." Wayne Rooney is the manifestation of this philosophy.

5. Developing a winning environment is key.

6. There is no compromise when developing elite players. Coaches can never compromise standards of behavior.

7. Spanish/Barcelona "ticky tacky" works for them but not for everyone. The real quality teams (Germany) penetrate relentlessly.

8. Winning should be a major priority in Academy. Youth Academies main priority is teaching players how to win.