Professional Clubs Teach Behavior Standards An Observation


When I visited Gerard Houllier, manager of Lyon, back in the 1990’s I waited in the player’s lounge as Houllier attended to some other visitors and EVERY player who walked through the lounge came over to me, introduced himself and shook my hand. I mentioned this to Houllier and he told me that was one of the standards the club sets for the players of the Lyon team. Interestingly as the young Rangers players moved from the indoor facility, on their way out to the field, every one came up to me and shook my hand…every one. I remember bringing a group of American coaches to a Glasgow Celtic practice for young players a couple of years ago and they did exactly the same. There is, obviously, more to player development in these professional clubs than just soccer and, it struck me that many professional soccer clubs expect their players to learn behavioral skills also. A refreshing initiative of which, not everybody, is aware.