Master Coach Diploma

Jeff Tipping introduced the NSCAA Master Coach Diploma as a 2 year course which included coaching skill but also;

  • Coaches in divisions including High School coach, College Coach, Youth Coach (11+), Directors of Club Coaching, Junior coaches (below 11) etc.
  • The coaches were given projects specific to the division they fell in to along with general projects like;
  • Promoting soccer in your community
  • Getting local businesses involved in soccer
  • Development of a cooperative arrangement with referees
  • Developing 5 v 5 tournaments. 

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2011 NSCAA Master Coach Course Graduates

Master Coach grads 2011.JPG

Greg Rubendall, the winner of the 2017 "Jeff Tipping Award." This is awarded to the Master Coach graduate with the highest grade.

Tipping Award.JPG