Mannequin Training for Striker Movement

Set up:

  • 2 mannequins
  • Mannequin GK  
  • GK mannequin is on ground at 45 degree with upper part
  • Up and lower part on left. If no mannequins are available I use knee high cones.

This alignment simulates the positioning of a diving GK when an attacker receives a ball at an angle right of the goal. *The GK will protect the near post with upper body and hands and furthest (back) post with feet.

Basically we are practicing striker movement versus two center backs – represented by the mannequins.

Coaching Points:

  1. If there are 2 CB’s position striker on the outside shoulder of the weak side CB.
  2. Critical that striker understands GK movement.*
  3. Striker must time run with pass from feeder to stay onside.
  4. Striker must be taught how to strike a ball when running away from goal.






Work on these 3 striker movements

Across front of CB’s

striker movement

Between CB’s

mannequin training

Begin at near side CB and back away and behind weak side CB

Ball fed between CB’s. Striker scores with quick strike between GK and near post or clipped shot over GK’s legs to back post.