Fast Break Attack

The Set-up: Field should be approximately 30 yards long x 20 yards wide. 4 players in red, 4 in white with two goal keepers/servers (don’t have to be keepers, but this is an excellent exercise for distribution). The keepers should have plenty of balls (as pictured).

fast break attack

The Exercise: 2 White players play vs. 2 Red players. Both teams have target players on the end-line of the goal they are attacking. Every time a goal is scored or the ball goes out across an end-line, the goalie behind that end-line puts a new ball back in play for his teammates (pictured right). You don’t have to play into the target to score. The target players cannot enter the field of play, but should move along the line between the disc and goal to create good passing lanes for their teammates.

The Focus:

  • Can we look forward early into the target or at the goal?
  • Can we transition to support? (Coach can limit the target players to 1 touch)
  • Transition from Defense to Offense (the moment you win possession or the attack crosses your end-line.
  • Transition from Offense to Defense (the moment you lose possession or the attack crosses the opponents’ end-line.
  • Goalkeeper distribution.
  • Attacking at Speed!

Rotation: This is a physically demanding exercise. The coach should keep the games to a maximum of 3 minutes and then switch the players on the field into the target positions. Have each group play at 2 to 3 rounds on the field.


  • Ask the Keepers to distribute just with their feet.
  • Increase the number of players on the field (3v3 or 4v4).