Brazilian Passing and Receiving Exercises - Sideways on Soccer

The following is an excerpt from our DVD: "Brazilian Passing and Receiving Exercises."

Having studied Brazilian soccer I have been impressed with two things;

  1. Their angled passing style of play and the sideways on aspect of their play.
  2. Their ability to disguise a pass by “front foot” passing

Exercises are designed to incorporate each of these characteristics into our players. Diagram below, clearly, shows the advantages of receiving ball at an angle.

sideways on soccer

Warm Up Stage 1

The warm up illustrates the movements the players will do in the session.

sideways on soccer warm up

Half the squad go into a circle and the other half are in the middle with the ball. The blue players pass the ball to the reds and move into an angle so they are half turned when they receive the ball back from the read players. The blues are asked to look over their shoulder before the reds pass the ball to them. The blue players then move across the circle and pass to another player.

Warm Up Stage 2

Double Pass – Red players to blue back foot. Blue returns pass and spins to the right. Red passes ball through to.

Double Self Pass - Red player plays the ball to the blue players back foot. Blue player hops the ball over his own left food and that of a potential opponent spinning around to possess the pass he played to himself.

Step Over - Red player passes ball to blue back foot. Blue player steps over ball and allows it to go through his legs and spins to the right and sprints after it.

Exercise 1 - Staggered Cone Drill

Front foot pass. Perpendicular check. Move to cone you passed to.

A "Slalom" course of staggered cones is the main feature of this exercise. The cones are laid out so that the players must pass the ball to their teammate at an angle. Due to the layout of the cones the receiving player receives the ball sideways on. Players pass the ball and follow their pass to the next cone. When they get to the end cone they dribble the ball across to the next set of cones.

Exercise 2 - Brazilian Corridor Game

Only pass ball into an adjacent corridor. Players pass ball at angles and receive sideways on.

Brazilian Corridor Game