6 v 6 – A Dynamic Model for Technical and Tactical Teaching

The following is a preview from our DVD: "6 v 6 – A Dynamic Model For Technical and Tactical Training"

The key to this series of exercises is the 1-3-2 set up of the players. The diagram below illustrates the player set up and the natural passing lanes which occur and which are vital if tactical learning is to take place.

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image 1.png

Exercise 1 - Warm up

The warm up illustrates the timing and quality of both the passes from the midfielders into the forwards and the forwards back to the midfielders.

6 v 6 warm up

Exercise 2 - Shaping the Team

The back three move the ball around between them and the forwards move into the appropriate passing lanes.

6 v 6 shaping the team

Exercise 3 – Teaching the Visual Cues

This exercise teaches visual cues of passing and checking. The back three, plus the goalkeeper, keep possession of the ball. They read the visual cue of when to pass sideways and when to play ball forward for strikers to rebound.

6 v 6 teaching visual cues

Exercise 4

Midfielders reading visual cues and strikers timing their checks.

6 v 6 timing of checks

Exercise 5

Midfielders are allowed to dribble over restraining line and find the 2 v 1.

Exercise 6

Players can dribble, three man combination or wall pass over restraining line.

Final Game

Restraining line removed. Encourage players to keep 1-3-2 shape.

6 v 6 final game