16 Common Faults in Soccer Teaching Methods

  1. The Coach boring the group with long winded speeches. The practice should be activity punctuated by occasional instruction…..not the other way around.
  2. Group Facing Distractions
  3. Group Facing Sun
  4. The coach not in a neutral color. The coach should be distinguishable from all the participating groups.
  5. The coach complicating the exercise by offering too much information and complicating the session with too many sequences.
  6. Skills practices becoming endurance work.
  7. The coach following the ball around instead of observing from a detached position.
  8. Coach acting as a ball boy.
  9. The coach failing to demonstrate.
  10. The coach offering instructions while running.
  11. Coach offering a running commentary.
  12. Poor organization of balls.
  13. Poor organization of space. General rule is 10 yards of length per player. 6 outfield players equals 60 yards long.
  14. Spectators encroaching on playing area.
  15. The coach failing to spot flaws in the practice and failing to make specific corrections.
  16. The coach failing to organize the practice, communicate the instructions and offer key teaching points.